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The International Leadership Training Institute


Dr Patricia Morgan

The International Leadership Training Institute (ILTI) is designed to meet the needs of leaders at all academic levels beyond high school that desire to become international, inter-cultural, inter-disciplined statesmen and -women in every discipline.

The ILTI’s philosophy is based on a strong sense of self-worth, personal value, principles for personal significance, and concentration on the following five basic questions:

• “Who am I?” (Identity)
• “Where am I from?” (Source, Heritage)
• “Why am I here?” (Purpose)
• “What can I really do?” (Potential), and
• “Where am I really going?” (Destiny)

Over the years, hundreds of students from diverse back- grounds, ages, and ethnicity have come to be a part of the ILTI Bahamas Campus from the following countries: Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Philippines, Nigeria, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, China, England, South Africa, USA, and numerous islands of the Bahamas.

Courses are offered in Leadership Studies, Personal Leadership Development, and International Leadership.

ILTI’s mission is to provide for the development and nurturing of creative leadership, effective management and efficient administration through the application of time 

tested principles and global research, formal leadership training, networking and creatively addressing the unique leadership challenges of the 21st Century, with special focus on the unique Third World context.
The ILTI has seen its vision expanded through the increase in professional pragrammes on offer such as: Certificate, Diploma, BS EQ, and Masters programmes. The BS EQ (equivalent) programme is a degree completion programme in which we assist students to move along into a fully accredited graduate programme as well as a M.Phil. Programme, with emphasis on Leadership Development.

The BS EQ programme is unique as it offers credits based on life experience, life studies, and an individual portfolio assessment. Leaders and emerging leaders who already have postgraduate degrees will be offered a further post-graduate programme in Leadership Development Studies, and be required to complete the required courses and move towards a D.Phil. Programme.


1. Global Leadership
All Programmes will have as their concentration, Global Leadership. Every aspect of our programme will continue to support ITWLA leaders’ stated core values and Dr. Myles Munroe’s vision and teaching.

2. Kingdom Worldwide Principles
ILTI is a university for thinking global leaders who have the personal determination, intellectual potential, and mindset to do something great with their lives. Courses are designed around current teaching, based on Dr. Munroe’s published works, as well as on emerging material in such emphases as Third World Thinking, Third World Philosophy and current Third World Issues.

3. Core courses
All Programmes have a number of CORE COURSES that must be completed by each student. These Courses will include topics such as Philosophy, Third World Philosophy and Mindsets, and time-tested Principles and Philosophy.

4. Research-based
ILTI is a research-based institution. ILTI leaders and scholars are encouraged to explore the full range of personalities and potential and creative pursuits, by working among students who thrive in a research-based environment and among leaders who are practicing leaders on the world stage.

5. Online programmes
Programmes will be offered using an Online medium, as well as correspondence and direct instruction as demanded by the needs of students from different nations. Plans are being implemented to significantly improve our physical and technical infrastructure to support this expansion.

6. Campuses with different emphases
The possibility of developing library access and Campus Centres in Nassau, USA, Haiti, Africa, and other regions is under consideration. The technological infrastructure will also demand the emerging of various campuses with similar departments to, for example, the Trinidad / South Caribbean campus with the Department of Health, Public Health and Wellness, as well as the Department of Law and Governance, and joint campuses in South Africa and the Caribbean where Agriculture, Land and Community Development will receive priority attention.

ILTI seeks to continue developing a curriculum that encourages students to enter Certificate, Diploma or Degree-granting Programmes with disciplines in Global Leadership, based on the well-developed and published works of Dr. Myles Munroe and the work of other ITWLA leaders.


  •  Diversity: Global and socioeconomic balance, financial aid, enrollment, challenges in the current higher education milieu.
  •  A Leadership Development Institute and Regional global mix dynamics, so well evidenced in the relationships among ITWLA World Leaders – a Research-based institution with that status and the derivative benefits.
  •  The ITLI is an internationally competitive, highly-acclaimed university,deeply rooted in the Caribbean and the Third World, committed to
  • establishing Regional, Third World, and other nations, and to creating a regenerative lifestyle for all its students, emerging leaders of nations, and the nations they represent and lead. It will be the centerpiece of state-of-the-art study and research for students committed to Leadership Development and Nation Building.
  • ILTI provide for regional and international environments that support strong and vibrant leaders, and provide for a more enhanced and sustainable enriched global environment.


ITWLA has had the express opportunity of working with and building solid relationships with the following Clients:
> Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corp.                                    
> Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service
> The Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
> The Florida Legislature
> Toastmasters
> Inter-American Bar Association Conference
> Rotary Clubs > Royal Bahamas Police Force
> The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
> The National Health Department
> Princess Margaret Hospital
> Abaco Markets Company
> Bank of Nova Scotia
> Commonwealth General Insurance Company
> Family Guardian Insurance Company
> Atlantis Resorts and Hotels
> Bahamas Government
> Power Networking Conference
> Brazil Leadership Conference
> The Free National Movement Party
> The Government of Bermuda
> Government of South Africa
> The Bahamas (Ministry) Department of Education
> The Government of Namibia
> The Government of Nigeria
> The Government of United States
> The Bahamas Defense Forces
> The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation
> The Bahamas Hospital Authority
> Sandals Resorts
> The Economic Empowerment Conference – Washington DC
> Bob Harrison Leadership Event
> Full Gospel Businessmen Association – Brazil
> Full Gospel Businessmen Association – Philippines
> Full Gospel Businessmen Association – USA
> Florida International University
> Bahamas National Education Conference
> Caribbean Tourism Association
> National Insurance Board
> United Bank of Africa Group – Nigeria
> International Charismatic Bible Conference
> Women Aglow International Convention
> International Spanish Leadership Summit
> Shiloh African Leadership Conference – Lagos, Nigeria
> International Association of Central Banks

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